4 Wanderlusty Date Ideas

1 ) Find a  Geocache

I recently discovered geocaching and it has turned out to be amazing. The cool thing about geocaching is that it gives you destinations you might not ordinarily find. We haven’t had a chance to geocache in Detroit or Ann Arbor yet, but in L.A. we have already found a nice little park a few blocks from our Airbnb and a cool Mexican taco stand with delicious burritos. Sometimes we pick a destination then pull out the geocaching app and use it to help us explore like on our recent trip to Santa Monica, CA. There are some finds have cute names like Eucliding Me in Euclid Park. Other finds contain lots of trinkets left by other cachers. Continue reading “4 Wanderlusty Date Ideas”


I Didn’t Get Married

For me, getting married was relatively easy. Wayne and I walked into a chaotic office full of people, everyone at a different stage, in the process of getting their marriage license, pulled a ticket, and waited for our number to be called. When it was our turn, we were each handed a singled paged document to fill out using little golf pencils. The documents required copying information from our birth certificates. Once we were done, everything was reviewed to make sure all the information matched. We were asked us to raise our right hands and swear all the information we have written is true, “to the best of our knowledge.” Continue reading “I Didn’t Get Married”

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