On being a first generation college student

I had to Google the term first generation college student to make sure that term was even applicable to me. The is some confusion over the term and by some standards I would not qualify because both of my parents as well as all of my grandparents and some of my aunts and uncles attended a¬†higher education institution in some way or another. I am proud of all the things my family has achieved and I hesitated to call myself a first generation college student, knowing there are families only dreamed of having the college experiences my family has had. Continue reading “On being a first generation college student”


Why blog?

This may be clich√©, but it seems only right that my first blog post be about why I want to blog in the first place. When I realized that I was seriously serious about getting married to my beau, one of the first things I did was start Googling. I found some blogs that focused on young couples, some on Black couples, some on being married in college, most with an overtly Christian perspective. Continue reading “Why blog?”

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