Cliffs, and Caves, and Cacti, Oh my!: Abalone Cove

Of all the LA adventures we have had thus far this one was by far my favorite. I stumbled across Abalone (which I learned is pronounced like abalone-y listen here) Cove while I was looking for places to go “hiking.” I say hiking in quotation marks because we I first told Wayne I wanted to go hiking he asked me since when did I enjoy hiking. I pointed out that we went to the Nichols Arboretum several times and I loved it.

A rainy day at the arboretum 

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LA Livin’

This summer has been very exciting for Wayne and I. He got an internship with a company he can actually see himself working for right outside of LA and since I was only planning on taking online classes anyway, I decided to come with him. Finding housing was the worse experience ever and we are paying way more than I’d like for a tiny studio Airbnb. It is kind of weird but nearly everyone here has a “front house” and “back house” as I call them, so we are living in on of the smaller back houses. I was really surprised to see these two houses on one lot because that is not something I have seen anywhere else, but it is nice because I still have a full kitchen and it was furnished, unlike the apartment options we were looking into. Continue reading “LA Livin’”

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