What’s Cooking: Veggie Lasagna & Smore’s Cookies

Wayne has been out of town the past few days and he is coming home tomorrow, so I was thinking about making one of his favorite dinners and desserts- veggie lasagna and smookies! I use a run of the mill lasagna recipe chocked full of broccoli, carrots, kale, onions, and bell pepper. That smookie recipe though….. I found this recipe  courtesy of Joan at chocolatechocolateandmore while searching online for an imitation of Insomnia‘s smore’s cookie. These aren’t anything like theirs but they are so delicious in their own right that family is constantly requesting them.

They look soooo delicious



On being a first generation college student

I had to Google the term first generation college student to make sure that term was even applicable to me. The is some confusion over the term and by some standards I would not qualify because both of my parents as well as all of my grandparents and some of my aunts and uncles attended a higher education institution in some way or another. I am proud of all the things my family has achieved and I hesitated to call myself a first generation college student, knowing there are families only dreamed of having the college experiences my family has had. Continue reading “On being a first generation college student”

It’s not you, it’s your religion

One of the biggest challenges for me, identifying as agnostic, dating and subsequently marrying someone who identifies as Christian, was the feeling of being personally attacked. Wayne never said to me that he believed that I was a terrible awful person who would spend eternity rotting in hell, but I knew that Christianity as a whole -like all religions do to some extent- promoted the idea that nonbelievers are in some way misguided from the truth. Continue reading “It’s not you, it’s your religion”

4 Wanderlusty Date Ideas

1 ) Find a  Geocache

I recently discovered geocaching and it has turned out to be amazing. The cool thing about geocaching is that it gives you destinations you might not ordinarily find. We haven’t had a chance to geocache in Detroit or Ann Arbor yet, but in L.A. we have already found a nice little park a few blocks from our Airbnb and a cool Mexican taco stand with delicious burritos. Sometimes we pick a destination then pull out the geocaching app and use it to help us explore like on our recent trip to Santa Monica, CA. There are some finds have cute names like Eucliding Me in Euclid Park. Other finds contain lots of trinkets left by other cachers. Continue reading “4 Wanderlusty Date Ideas”

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