This summer has been very exciting for Wayne and I. He got an internship with a company he can actually see himself working for right outside of LA and since I was only planning on taking online classes anyway, I decided to come with him. Finding housing was the worse experience ever and we are paying way more than I’d like for a tiny studio Airbnb. It is kind of weird but nearly everyone here has a “front house” and “back house” as I call them, so we are living in on of the smaller back houses. I was really surprised to see these two houses on one lot because that is not something I have seen anywhere else, but it is nice because I still have a full kitchen and it was furnished, unlike the apartment options we were looking into.

The other thing that is different here for me is the traffic. In Michigan it took me an hour and 15, maybe hour and a half to drive the 90 miles from my school to my house. This weekend we are going to Pasadena and which, without traffic takes 45 minutes, but there is always traffic, so we are looking at an hour to an hour and a half trip to go 30 miles. I actually miss driving a little, but I will probably let Wayne do this one because I am used to setting my cruise control to “70” mph (but really, I only ever speed a little bit), turning on some music and relaxing the whole trip. The stop and go is going to kill me.

The traffic is also why we haven’t actually explored the city yet at all. The 2 hour public transit trip just hasn’t felt worth it yet. We have been to all the local beaches (Redondo, Hermosa, and Manhattan), Abalone Cove, and Santa Monica and I plan on posting some recaps of our excursions soon.