Of all the LA adventures we have had thus far this one was by far my favorite. I stumbled across Abalone (which I learned is pronounced like abalone-y listen here) Cove while I was looking for places to go “hiking.” I say hiking in quotation marks because we I first told Wayne I wanted to go hiking he asked me since when did I enjoy hiking. I pointed out that we went to the Nichols Arboretum several times and I loved it.

A rainy day at the arboretum 

He informed me what we did was not hiking, but brisk nature walking. Whatever. If I am outside and there are no pavements and I am walking around exploring, I consider it hiking.

Unfortunately, I was finding that many of the hiking destinations in the LA area are north of the city and we are south. Getting there was going cost us a pretty penny and good amount of time if we Ubered and a ridiculous amount of time via public transit. I was just beginning to get discourage when I found Abalone Cove. It is further south than us in Rancho Palos Verdes, right on the coast.

Abalone Cove

It still took an hour by bus to get there, but it was so worth it. There were cliff, tide pools, caves, “wildlife” (the squirrels in California are definitely cuter than Michigan squirrels). I am really glad I checked the high/low tide times. Even in the few hours we were there you could tell the difference between when the tide was lower and as it was coming in. Hopefully we will get to go back before we leave. From what I have read sometimes there are even seals and starfish, neither of which we saw.

So without further ado, here are some of our cove pictures: