1 ) Find a  Geocache

I recently discovered geocaching and it has turned out to be amazing. The cool thing about geocaching is that it gives you destinations you might not ordinarily find. We haven’t had a chance to geocache in Detroit or Ann Arbor yet, but in L.A. we have already found a nice little park a few blocks from our Airbnb and a cool Mexican taco stand with delicious burritos. Sometimes we pick a destination then pull out the geocaching app and use it to help us explore like on our recent trip to Santa Monica, CA. There are some finds have cute names like Eucliding Me in Euclid Park. Other finds contain lots of trinkets left by other cachers.

This find brought us to the infamous Muscle Beach

2 ) Take a tour

Personally, I am more of a get lost in a city type of person, but if you are still a little hesitant about throwing caution to the wind completely, you can try taking a tour. You can find hidden gems in a city you have lived in for years. If you are in Detroit check out the Detroit Experience Factory.

3 ) Use public transportation

Waiting for the train

When I visited Wayne in Aurora, IL we knew we weren’t going to want to spend much time in Aurora (cornfields aren’t really our thing), but we also didn’t want to spend all of our time in Chicago. We decided to get on the train and at each stop we would look out the window and decide if we want to get off. It was incredibly fun and spontaneous, especially because we only had a few seconds to decide. I can’t even remember the name of the town we ended up in, but it was cute and quaint. We got ice cream, found an interesting toy store and all around enjoyed a place that would not have come up in any Google searches.

4 ) Go on a scavenger hunt

I haven’t actually tried this one as a date yet, but I might have to because it seems like something Wayne and I would have a blast doing. I also found a few city specific scavenger hunts and lots more generic lists that could be applied to most major cities. Take advantage of public transit and add an additional challenge by turning off your phone. If you want something a little different you can also try this department store hunt or a nature hunt. Read about this cool first (ummm… second?) scavenger hunt date.